General Information about your arrival


1 HRK (Croatian Kuna) = 0.13 Euro

1 Euro = 7.60 HRK



International debit cards are accepted at all ATMs.


Currency Exchanges

There are also official currency exchanges in downtown Opatija. We recommend exchanging your left over Kunas before you return home because exchange rates are usually cheaper in Croatia than in your home country.


Making phone calls

From abroad to Croatia:

country exit code (most countries use 00) + 385 (Croatia's country code) + area code omitting the leading 0 + telephone number.


From Croatia to abroad:

00 (Croatia's country exit code) + country code (e.g., the UK's is 44) + area code (for most countries you need to omit the leading 0) + telephone number


Travel documents

Travel documents are still checked on a random basis at the border so you need to make sure to carry them with you. EU travelers need to bring a valid personal ID or passport. Travelers from outside the EU need a passport.


Drivers license

Any EU or American drivers license may be used in Croatia.


A few more tips for European drivers:

- Be sure to take your International Motor Insurance Card (Green card). It serves as proof of insurance in the case of an accident.

- It is worth to become a member of an auto club offering roadside assistance. We are talking from personal experience here. Make sure your club offers reciprocal services with Croatian clubs (and clubs in all other countries you will be travelling through on your way).

- Buy your toll stickers for Austrian and Slovenian highways in your home country ahead of your departure day, and adhere them to your car's windshield. This will cut down on the things you have to remember on your travel day.